Finding your Trigger – Clothing

Do you constantly hear your children complain that their clothes are making them itchy?In this weeks blog, we hear from the creators of bam and Boo Eczema clothing about how they discovered the clothing they were dressing their children in was exacerbating Eczema flares. i know that eva cannot stand wearing wool or evan Merino as it causes her skin to itch.

Bam and boo kids was born from the need to find great looking garments that were comfortable for our babies to wear. Why? Our babies have eczema.
While we worked on helping our children heal from the inside, we did our best to research and find what food, environmental triggers and fabrics to avoid – to reduce those flair ups on the outside.
Tip: please also research gut healing and support to help your child from the inside. (More on this next week!)
Merino & wool was too abrasive, polarfleece made them sweat and all those cool looking ribbed fabrics seemed to act like sandpaper against our babies’ skin, so out they went.
They also struggled with the seams in their garments, their shoulders and torso would weep from the constant rubbing against their wee bodies. Because of this, our “sweet seams” were born, flat seams for your child’s comfort.

It seemed that the popular fabrics, (that we as parents are told to buy for our children as we try to do the right thing) were actually exasperating flair ups, so we looked further into this – what we found was that under the microscope these fibres have ridges, spars and can be extremely abrasive and cause more friction against already sensitive and inflamed skin. Bamboo viscose under the microscope has a very smooth surface as does cotton (cotton does have a spiral like twist to it) so we were onto a winner.
This winning combo is what led us to choose the blend of bamboo and organic cotton to make our garments from as they are both such soft fabrics. Organic cotton wears well, so adding this to the bamboo blend (in our opinion) gives the fabric a better life while keeping it luxuriously soft and silky.
At this time, we have chosen to not add elastane to our children’s garments or bedding as we want to keep maximum breathability in our garments. Elastane can be another trigger for children with sensitive skin and eczema, some are allergic to it. If your child has a rubber allergy or sensitivity then they also need to be wearing elastane free garments.
Tip: Look for bamboo, organic cotton and silk garments with flat seams or seams on the outside.

Now you know what fabrics to look for and why you should choose your eczema child’s fabrics carefully, you also need to keep in mind that what you wash their garments in, this is just as, if not more important.
Please put thought into what you wash your child’s (and your own) garments in. The residue left on garments from chemical washing powders, liquids and fabric softeners can be a major trigger for children with eczema and sensitive skin. Changing what you wash your whole family’s clothes and linen in keeps the chemicals out of your washing machine and off your entire family’s clothes and bedding – think about how much your child comes in contact with YOUR clothes, towels and bedding, it make sense to have one rule for all.
Tip: remove chemical laundry detergents from your family’s washing, this includes clothes, bedding and towels.
If you are reading this, it means you are doing an amazing job for your child, keep on going. It can feel like a long journey to getting back that lovely skin your child deserves don’t stop, you will get there.

Toni and Martha-jane
bam and boo kids


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